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What is Biodynamic Agriculture?

Biodynamic® agriculture is a farming method that is completely free of synthetic pesticides and fertilizers in the same manner as certified organic farming. The Demeter Biodynamic Trade Association is an international organization that certifies biodynamic farms providing the highest level of agricultural sustainability certification within our current systems. What distinguishes a Demeter certified Biodynamic® farm from a certified organic farm is that, in its entirety, a Biodynamic farm is managed as a living organism. This is the fundamental principal of the Biodynamic farming method.

The Biodynamic method dates back to 1924 and is one of the original approaches to organized organic farming worldwide. In day-to-day practice Biodynamic farming involves managing a farm within the context of the principles of a living organism. A concise model of a living organism ideal would be a wilderness forest. In such a system there is a high degree of self-sufficiency in all of the realms of biological survival.

While agriculture immediately takes nature to a state that is one step removed from wilderness, the practices of farmers that steer agriculture’s course can to a large degree mimic these ancient principles of sustainability based on a careful observation of nature as a whole. Demeter certification requires a documented evolution towards this ideal. In the realm of day-to-day practice this requires a holistic farming system that is minimally dependant on imported inputs for its survival, but instead arise from within the living dynamics of the farm itself. Demeter certification requires that as much as possible a farm be regenerative rather than degenerative. As such, it is a farming philosophy that results in one of the lightest carbon footprints of any agricultural method.

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