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AP Gift Messages!

During the checkout process you have the option of sending a Gift Message along with your order. This gift message just needs to stay below 75 characters long (no worries - there's a character counter on the input box that lets you know where you're at). We'll send the gift message to the Ship-To postal address that you specify in your order (on a nice AP Gift Card)!

You'll be able to see the Gift Message that you've sent on the final checkout page and in the order confirmation email that you'll receive to the Bill-to email address that you specify for the order.

Want to exclude the Invoice from the Shipment?

Directly below the Gift Message input box you also have the option of excluding the order invoice (receipt) from the order (in case you don't want your recipient to see prices, etc.). Just put a checkmark in the "Please exclude the receipt" box and consider it done!.

If you're running into any trouble or have a question, please contact us.