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Autonomie Points Reward Program:

Please login to your Customer Account to view your current Autonomie Points total.

As of February 12, 2010, we've instituted a rewards program called Autonomie Points to show our appreciation for our most loyal customers. It's super simple: If you've set up a customer account with us, whenever you make a purchase at AP, you earn points based on how much you spend on an order. Next time you come back and order again, you can redeem these points during checkout for a discount off your purchase. The math is simple too - for every $10 you spend, you earn a $1.00 discount - that's a 10% discount on each successive order!

You can check the amount of points you've accumulated by simply logging into your customer account. From there you can see your point total immediately; the total will also be featured in our navigation sidebar and be available for redemption during the checkout process.

Your Autonomie Points may be combined with any of our promotional Coupons and Gift Cards as well. You can continue to bank your Autonomie Points for as long as you like; there is no expiration date on them but keep in mind that they are only redeemable on purchases and have no cash value otherwise.

Please Note: Autonomie Points can't be counted against tax and shipping charges (unless these charges have already been removed by way of another promotional offer).

Thanks so much to all of our loyal customers who have shown us so much love as we follow our path toward a fairer, greener and more stylish way of doing business!

If you're running into any trouble or have a question, please contact us.