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Autonomie Project Coupons:

Autonomie Project will occasionally distribute coupon codes for purposes of promotion and customer appreciation. It's easy to use AP coupons. Here's how:

During the checkout process, at the same step where you choose your shipping and payment options, you will see an input box for coupons. You just need to enter your coupon code here, make the other checkout choices on this page and click the "Continue" button at the bottom of this screen.

Only one coupon code may be applied per order.

On the next step of the checkout process you'll notice that your coupon amount has been deducted from your order total. You'll notice that the discount amount from your coupon comes off your order subtotal. Once your new discounted subtotal has been calculated your shipping fee and tax (if applicable) will be added to that figure for your grand total. Only one coupon code can be applied per AP order but you can combine them with AP gift certificates.

Keep in mind that some coupon codes have expiration dates and some require a minimum purchase amount for redemption.  Some coupon codes can be used multiple times and others can only be used once per customer.  If your coupon code is not accepted during the checkout process you should see an error message appear in red near the coupon redemption box.  This message should clarify why you're running into trouble with your coupon code.

If you're still running into trouble or have a question, contact us or give us a call at 1.877.218.9131.