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Get Involved!

We need your help! Autonomie Project is a tiny, fledgling business that relies on YOU to help us spread the love, word and mission of Fair Trade. Here are some simple, quick and easy ways you can help us save the earth and the hard-working people who live on it!

1. Become our Intern! (2 positions available for Spring 2012) We're currently looking for an intern or two who are ready to join our team and take the lead on a variety of projects that will help us grow our business. At this time, we have two interships available: A Marketing Internship (PDF) and a Journalism / Blogging internship (PDF). Please let us know if you're the person we're looking for! Positions start in March.

2. Buy Fair Trade: Check out our Shop page for stylish, high-quality Fair Trade fashions. If it’s not what you're looking for, then check out our ethical friends.

3. Blog About Us: Write a blog about our work, or link to ours! We have an active blog that we’re very proud of and would love to include you in our blogroll.

4. Become Our Friend: Check us out on myspace, facebook, YouTube and Twitter and become a fan! Or post a bulletin about us on your own page and encourage your social networked friends to come visit us.

5. Join our Affiliates Program: Sign up as an AP Affiliate and get customized banner links that will earn you a commission on any sales brought in from your online outreach efforts.

6. Keep in Touch: Stay informed on all that’s happening at Autonomie Project by signing up for our quarterly e-newsletter.

7. Give a Gift: Our gift cards are available in denominations from $10 to $250 and are the perfect way to get someone you love to support Fair Trade.

8. Tell-A-Friend: If you see something that your friend would just love, make sure to click the "Tell A Friend" button so that you can send them a customizable email about Autonomie and what you saw!

9. Become an Ambassador: Email us and we’ll send you a stack of Autonomie coupon cards that you can leave at your local coffee house, coop market, community room, school, religious institution, bar, nightclub, or wherever you may roam.

10. Place a Bulk Order: Are you a part of a business or organization that’s in need of custom tees or sneakers? Let us know and we’ll send you all kinds of good info about our private label & custom print/embroidery services.

11. Support Local Business: Is there an independent retailer in your town that is eco-savvy? Tell them about us! We’d love to help them bring your town Fair Trade fashion, so email us your suggestions.

12. Exchange Links: Do you own or work for a like-minded business? Send us your info, we’ll send you ours, and we’ll feature you on our site.