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Autonomie Project Privacy Policy

Short and Sweet:

Autonomie Project will not share the data you give to us with any other party. Our sole interest in your data is to help you browse and shop on our site and to contact you in line with your preferences. ‘Autonomy’ is part of what we're all about afterall, and it’s an idea that means a lot to us on every level.

What info will we share?

None of it. When you sign up for our opt-in Newsletter, we gather as little info as your email address or as much info as you care to share via our sign-up form. This info will be used to send you our Newsletter about new developments at Autonomie Project, new products that we’re rolling out, items of interest to the Fair Trade community or sales and promotions that we’re featuring here. If you volunteer your physical address, we assume that this means that you would be open to receiving postal mail from us. If we got you wrong on that, just let us know and we’ll take note of it. Our email or mailing list is not shared with any third party, regardless of how in line with our values or beliefs that party may be. Nor will we, or like-minded affiliates, contact you unsolicited if you order from us and have choosen not to join our mailing list. When you sign up with us, it’s with us and no one else.

Do you use tracking cookies?

Yes. when you browse our site, our server is tracking your visit, in an aggregate, by way of the web statistics program that we use to get a sense of how our site is doing. We also make use of Google Analytics to help provide useful info about the products that AP is featuring and the effectiveness of our site layout. While we use cookies to assist with our shopping functions, these are temporary cookies whose purpose is to keep items properly arranged and calculated in your shopping cart. If you are directed to our site by way of partners who participate in our Affiliate Program, a temporary tracking cookie is used to allow us to assign a commission to the affiliate who directed your sale to us. The Newsletter emails that we send may also contain tracking elements in them to get a sense of which items in the Newsletter catch the attention of our customers or seem to turn them off. Again, our interest here is only in getting a general sense of how well we’re satisfying our user base and pointing us in the direction of improving that. Your behavior on our site is not used for personal identification and is meaningful to us only in the aggregate.

How about security?

Any sensitive data that you transmit to us is conveyed by way of an industry-grade secure connection (SSL or Secure Sockets Layer). You’ll notice that when you move to a page on the site that may involve the submission of sensitive info (be it payment info or your email address), the beginning of the URL in your browser’s address bar changes from http:// to https://. You will also notice a lock icon appear within the interface of your browser. If you click on this lock, you’ll see a security report displayed that specifies that our site is using a security certificate issued by Thawte (one of the web's leading security authentication providers). You can also click our Thawte site seal below to investigate further details in this regard or give us a call (1.877.218.9131) to confirm that we are who we say we are!

How is your Payment & Credit Card Processing Handled?

Autonomie Project partners with Authorize.Net for our payment processing and is a verified Authorize.Net merchant. Authorize.Net is committed to providing its merchant customers with the highest level of transaction processing security, safeguarding customer information and combating fraud. For further information and to check our verification status with Authorize.Net, just click on our Authorize.Net Verification Seal below:

Merchant Services

What about opting out?

If at any time you would like us out of our life, you may do so easily and with no strings attached. If you’re subscribed to our Newsletter, you may unsubscribe from our Newsletter here. And if you would like us to remove any other bit of your info from the records that we maintain, just contact us and we’ll make haste in respecting your wishes. We hope you never come to feel that way, of course, but if at any point you do then you can rest assured that your info was always safe with us and will be safely removed as well.

If you have any questions or comments about our privacy policy, please let us know. We look forward to hearing from you. Any and all changes made to our privacy policy will be consistently reflected on this page.