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Are all of your products environmentally friendly?

Whenever possible, we use eco-friendly materials in our production, including organic cotton and all natural rubber. We are very serious about our carbon offsets and aim to source all of our materials locally to each supplier. If we have to choose between flying organic cotton from India to Peru, we will opt to sourcing a non-organic cotton right on the local market in Peru. We believe that this option is not only better for the environment (as long, polluting, energy-sucking transport negates the organic quality of the fabrics), but we also sincerely believe in supporting the local economies of our producer groups. Investing more money and an increasing amount of orders into the local businesses of the developing world countries we source from will only strengthen their communities and help them collectively lift out of poverty.

We also strive to maintain our Fair Trade principles all the way down the supply chain. That means that every element that goes into our products was likely sourced from a Fair Trade facility. In the case of the sneakers, the cotton pickers that make the canvas and the rubber tappers that make the materials for the soles are all protected by Fair Trade standards and treated ethically. We will not source from a supplier, even if their materials are eco-friendly, if we believe the supplier cannot uphold Fair Trade standards.

If you're running into any trouble or have a question, please contact us.